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Buying Medication


The Generics4You prescription drug savings program connects patients with pharmacies at NO COST TO THE PHARMACY

Why Pharmacy Connect with Us

  1. Building Your Business With Prescription Access

  2. Stop waiting for patients to pick up their medications.

  3. Send medicines straight to those who need them.

  4. Eliminate the need for reminder calls.

  5. As sales turnover increases and stock returns decreases

Terms of Use and Interaction

GenericsForYou and the undersigning pharmacy agree to on-board the retail/digital pharmacy and offer a Consumer Prescription Savings Program under the legal name of “GenericsForYou” (hereafter referred to as “entity” and “G4U”). Both parties agree to the following terms and deeds in pursuance of common intents and goals:

1. Revenue Sharing: G4U does not expect the Pharmacy to share any percentage of the sale revenue.
2. Nature of business: This will include –

a. Pharmacy is tied-up for Business referral and growth with G4U and will share the best pricing of the prescription medication via Excel / API feed.

b. G4U will On-board and train Pharmacy to offer discounts to G4U subscribers.

c. G4U expects that the Pharmacy will use the attribution platform to acknowledge sales referred by G4U.

d. G4U will refer consumers of the best price aggregation membership based on the Pharmacy’s serviceable states.

e. G4U will highlight and market the pharmacy’s additional offerings free-of-cost.

3. Agreement Duration: The initial period for this agreement is 12 months.
4. HIPAA compliance:

a. Both G4U and vendors will strictly ensure that the patient records are not utilized for anything other than the Prescription Savings program

b. Hands-on training to educate pharmacies to share their current pricing database will be done remotely/online at the time of sign-up.

5. Requirements:

a. Pricing visibility: It is acknowledged that G4U will be promoting the Pharmacy based on the cost savings that can be passed to the end consumer. Hence the Pharmacy brand along withoccasional mention of medication pricing will be published in various media. The pharmacy provides its full consent so that the brand visibility is achieved.

b. Customer on-boarding: G4U will be promoting the Subscription Savings Program and will continue doing so to acquire new consumers.

c. Fulfillment: The Pharmacy is responsible to initiate, follow-up and fulfill the digital prescription by interacting with the consumer within an acceptable TAT (Turnaround Time).

d. Mail-order updates: The Pharmacy agrees to utilize the Order Management / Attribution Platform to update G4U on the customer’s prescription fulfillment status.

e. Both parties agree that the mode of communication will be via electronic mail (email) and any telephonic exchanges will be followed up with email-based summarizations to avoid ambiguity.

6. Compensation: G4U is compensated by the Consumer for the Savings Program.
7. Governance and Liability: This agreement will be governed as per the laws of the commonwealth of Massach
usetts. Any 3 rd party liabilities arising out of business practices and products will be settled as per laws and regulations of the State by both parties respectively.

Pharmacy Contact Details

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