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How It Works

We help you find the best prices on your prescription medication. 

Let us know your needs, and we shall work together. Our operators work tirelessly to search & find the generic equivalents for your prescriptions at much lower costs. 

Pharmacist Assisting Customer

Follow these simple
steps to start saving today:


Share with us your prescription, medication plan. If you don’t have access to this, we can work with your Physician’s office to get your latest dosage & requirement.


Our experts interact with various pharmacies, wholesalers and generic drug providers to find the equivalents that fit your requirement.


Once you have reviewed the offer, place your order on our website or over the phone to the pharmacy.


We work on your behalf to get the prescription filled and shipped to you. You pay the pharmacy directly.


Our experts ensure that your monthly costs remain low as they continue working with newer providers around the country.

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