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  • How are you different from the Discount Cards like the Good or Rx4You?
    Unlike the multitude of discount card providers, Generics4You works on your behalf and not on the pharmacy. Most membership cards come at no cost to you. Now think about this for a minute. The operator of the membership card program has to make money somewhere. Right?
  • Who pays for your service?
    Generics4You charges the customer a small annual fee to ensure that we are unbiased and continue to work with you on a month-on-month basis to reduce your prescription costs further. Hence the fee that we charge.
  • Are all my prescriptions covered under one single membership?
    Yes. When you pay for a membership at Generics4You, we work with you for the entire duration of your active plan. Which means, you bring us a prescription today, we help you find the best prices. Two months later, you have a different need, that’s covered under the same membership.
  • Are you a Pharmacy as well?
    We are not a Pharmacy ourselves, but we operate unbiasedly with multiple retail and wholesalers around the country.
  • Is Generics4You getting paid to refer to a certain Pharmacy?
    We do not take any cuts or kickbacks from the Pharmacy to refer your prescription to them.
  • Why do I have to pay for this service?
    Since we work on your behalf in an unbiased way, we charge a fee. This is much less than what we bring in savings to you on a monthly basis.
  • Where are you guys located?
    We are incorporated in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • How does this compare to Online Pharmacies?
    Not all online pharmacies are safe and registered. Before you take your prescription to a Pharmacy, ensure that the you check them out at:
  • How can I know that the medication I am getting is right for me?
    You can verify the equivalents that we suggest with your Physicians. We are also working to on-board doctors around the country to ensure that you can consult their opinion.
  • What else can Generics4You help me with?
    We are constantly striving to add new services to ensure that we can save you money on home use Medical Equipment, Home services and Care giving plans.
  • I like your service. Is there a referral plan and how can I benefit?
    Thank you. We do have a referral plan. Provide the details here and you will qualify for an additional discount on your next refill.
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