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Start saving for Medication & save up to 80%

Save at Popular Pharmacies

How Generics4You can help

You can use Generics4You even if you have Insurance or Medicare

Enhance Prescription Care: Discover Better!

200+ Pharmacies  | 25+ Experts | 10,000+ Happy Customers  

Paying Too Much?

If you are paying out-of-pocket for any medication, we are your best answer. In most cases, our customers pay less than the copay that their insurance demands on certain essential medication.

We let customers make their choice on the prescription provider, as costs to fulfill your prescription varies based on Pharmacy, Location and availability of Generic equivalents. All this could be overwhelming, and it is nice to have a concierge service do it for you. That’s us!

Generics4You is not an Insurance plan. It is a service that helps you find low-cost alternatives to the high rising costs of medication. We are not a pharmacy, nor do we get compensated from any pharmacy. We charge a small fee from you to work on your behalf and not on the Pharma Industry’s side.

Membership Benefits

  1. Get best pricing on your prescriptions 

  2. Easy to use - just a phone call 

  3. Save money every month 

  4. No need to visit the Pharmacy

  5. Use the SAVINGS for other priorities in life

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